Native iOS and Android Apps

Included with $49/month Sunday Streams Package!

Standard Sunday Streams Apps & Customized Apps Options

Although the Sunday Streams platform supports both live broadcasts and on-demand videos for Apple iOS as well as Android devices via our HTML5 players, some users prefer to use apps. All of our streaming packages come with iOS and Android apps so your viewers have the option to watch your broadcasts through our native iOS or Android apps, which enable better compatibility, faster loading speeds, and an intuitive interface.

Live & Archive Video

Both the native iOS and Android apps that are included with the $49/month package, and the customized apps that are available with the $79/month package, allow your viewers to play live and archived videos directly in a mobile device’s native video player instead of in their browser’s video player.

Push Notifications

The customized apps that are available with the $79/month package allow you to send or schedule push notifications directly to your viewer’s device.

App Audio Podcasts

With the customized apps available with the $79/month package, it is easy to add your audio podcasts. Once the RSS feed is added to the app, the app’s audio podcast player automatically updates with the latest audio archives of your public videos.

Prayer Forms, Sign-Ups & More

Just like with the Sunday Streams website, you can include lots of other custom features in the customized apps. Easily create features, such as prayer request and sign-up forms, automatically bring in social media feeds, RSS feeds, and much more. (These features are included with custom apps which are available with the $79/month package.)

Easy Backend Admin

With the customized apps available with the $79/month package you are able to easily manage your apps with an intuitive backend admin. Easily add new pages, integrate with social media feeds, add photos, articles, and much more!

Your Own Custom Apps

The customized apps (available with the $79/month package) are individually created for your church and are submitted to iTunes and Google Play with the name of the app that you choose, often your church name. This makes them searchable in the app stores by searching for your church name, and also removes the need for someone to enter a stream ID to have the app display your video content.

Push Notifications Available with $79/month Package

In addition, with the customized apps, you can include send notifications, do audio only podcasts, create forms for prayer requests and sign-ups, automatically bring in social media feeds, rss, feeds, and much much more!