Audio Only Broadcasts and Podcasts

Included with $49/month Sunday Streams Package!

Easy Audio Integration

Provide your listeners a wide variety of popular tools to listen to your audio files. With the Sunday Streams service, we offer an audio only option in our players as well as access to audio files created from each of your broadcasts and uploaded video files. You can provide access to these audio files through a number of players such as iTunes,your custom website, your custom apps, and you can automatically include them in your live and archive video players.

Audio Only in Video Player

The Sunday Streams system automatically creates an audio only option in your video player for your live broadcasts and on-demand video archives.

iTunes and Podcasts

Your podcasts are automatically updated with your latest broadcast’s on-demand archives and uploads which are automatically updated in your RSS feed URL. The RSS feed is just one of our easy to use integration options.

App Podcasts

Easily add your audio podcasts to our custom apps. Once your RSS feed is added to the app, the app’s audio podcast player automatically updates with the latest on-demand archives and uploaded videos file’s audio feeds. Custom apps are available with the $79/month Sunday Streams package.

Add Audio Podcasts to Your Sunday Streams Website

Placing individual audio broadcast archives directly on your website is as simple as clicking a few buttons! Take a look and listen to our sample broadcast below. This website here is built with the same system that is included for free with the $49/month Sunday Streams package. (Use your own custom domain with the $79/month package)

Test Podcast

by Test Artist Name | Test Album Name