Automated Systems

Included with $49/month Sunday Streams Package!

Automated Systems

There are a number of automated systems designed to save you time and enhance your viewer experience.

Easy Archiving

Every live broadcast you make is stored on our server so you can easily turn it into an on-demand archive by giving the video a name and indicating you want to make it public. Once you turn a broadcast into a public archive it will be viewable on-demand from all our players, such as the Go Player, embedded players, apps, and with streaming media players for TV.

Zero Click Archiving

You have the option to automatically turn broadcasts you make into public on-demand archives. By using this option your broadcasts will automatically be posted to your players after your broadcasts ends.

Adaptive Bit Rate

The Sunday Streams system automatically creates multiple versions of your on-demand archive files for use in the adaptive bit rate (ABR) player system to automatically provide your viewers, especially mobile viewers, with the best bit rate and resolution for their device.

Audio Only

With the Sunday Streams system, an audio only version of the broadcast is automatically created and available for your live viewers. In addition, when you make your broadcasts or video uploads public, an audio only file is automatically created which can be used in places such as iTunes, your custom website, your custom apps, etc. (Customized apps are available with the $79/month package.)