HD Quality

Included with $49/month Sunday Streams Package!

HD Broadcasting & On-Demand Video

With Sunday Streams you can broadcast in HD quality and provide HD quality on-demand videos with any of our packages. In addition, for improved compatibility with different viewer setups such as mobile users or for users in areas with low Internet connection speeds, we also offer optional live multi bit rate streaming with all our packages so that you can have a very high resolution primary live stream while still providing a lower resolution live stream for devices that cannot handle the higher bit rate streams. Plus, your on-demand video archives are automatically processed into different bit rate and resolution formats so that they are optimized for viewing on various devices and networks.

Broadcast in HD

Your viewers can watch your live and on-demand archives in HD! They can watch in HD in all our player options on their computers, mobile devices, and even TVs.

Adaptive Bit Rate

Both our live and on-demand players offer adaptive bit rate (ABR) features to automatically show the best resolution video for the device and network speed the viewer is using!

HD on TV

Our system integrates with Apple TV, Chromecast, and Roku to allow your viewers to easily watch your broadcasts on their large screen TVs.

Easy HD Broadcasting

HD broadcasting can often require powerful computers and adapters, but with our optional rental equipment from Cerevo and Magewell it can be easy and affordable (optional rental prices start at $10/month).